Call of Duty
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The Battleground is all set. Shooters are all ready. All you gotta do is go for your Call of Duty! Updates, reviews, pros and cons. You are going to get it all here.
Call of Duty mobile game was released in the year 2019 in the month of October. It was developed by TiMi Studios and Activision published it for both, Android and iOS. Since its release it has gained a steady fanbase and gamers are going loving it.


There is a lot going on in there with the updates for this year. Maps, vehicles, gaming mode, players and whatnot. We are going to list down few most expected updates of this season.

Call of duty

  •  Warzone map changes are most likely to occur in the upcoming season of Call of Duty.
  • What the new map will contain is a football stadium. Yes, you read it right.
  • A loot filled train will also accompany the football stadium. 
  • You don’t need to worry because the Warzone Battle Royale mode introduced earlier, with which we are all familiar, is not going to leave.

Moreover, if we go by the floating rumours, the upcoming game will be called Call of Duty Cold War.

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When it comes to Battlegrounds, every gamer is super excited and everyone is already at their stance. What makes them high on the priority list of gamers is that how much one could feel to be in that virtual reality for the time one is indulged in the game.

Call of duty

Call of Duty mobile is more grounded, has realistic military shooter and not futuristic shooters. It never fails to entertain you. It makes you believe the fictional political story set up as if you are there in that scenario. It is more realistic than fantasy driven. The larger issues of a modern age war have been highlighted. Overall, Call of Duty mobile game gives you a whole and complete warfare experience.


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