Bollywood actors fans want back on screen
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They say that first impression is the last impression. Well I don’t totally agree with it but yes, it is the very first impression that catches attention. Talking of the first impressions how can we not talk about the Bollywood actors fans want back on screen? A lot of them have been underrated, ignored and then forgotten by the Bollywood. However, the fans remain of the same opinion and want to see these Bollywood actors back on screen.

Sometimes it is the look, sometimes the style, and at other times the talent. Whatever the reason may be but once someone is stuck in mind, people want to see more of them. You can get your time wheel running as we name few Bollywood actors fans want back on screen.

1. Sneha Ullal

Bollywood actors fans want back on screen

Appearance is something that makes striking remark on one’s mind. Especially, when the appearance is that of a famous celebrity, such as, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Known for her striking similarities in appearance with Aishwarya Rai, Sneha Ullal was first seen in the movie, Lucky: No Time for Love.

Apart from Hindi movies, she was also seen in Telugu, Kannada and Bengali movies. Although her Bollywood movies didn’t do well on box office, but her Telugu film, Simha turned out to be a box office success. Sneha Ullal is a Bollywood actor fans want back on screen not only for her resemblance in looks with Aishwarya Rai but also for they liked her as an individual actor.

2. Prachi Desai

Bollywood actors fans want back on screen

The one who began her acting career as a Television actress on the successful TV drama Kasam Se, Prachi Desai entered the Bollywood with the 2008 film, Rock On!!. Some of her notable work in Bollywood include, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Bol Bachchan. She has worked with eminent actors in the industry like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Farhan Akhtar and many more.

After her performance in Azhar, opposite Imran Hashmi, she has not been seen in any of the Hindi movies. Although there are various reasons, she is one of the Bollywood actors fans want back on screen, the most prominent one is her innocent acting. 

3. Tahir Raj Bhasin

Apart from the obsession for appearance of actors, some of them are really loved for the craft they have. Well, Tahir Raj Bhasin is one such Bollywood actor fans want back on screen. Two of the most loved movies of his are Mardaani and Chhichhore. He was even nominated for his role as the best supporting actor for the Filmfare Award.

Although he played the antagonist in his latest film, Chhichhore, the fans absolutely loved his performance as Derek and as the cherry on the cake, the film turned out to be a blockbuster. One of the less known works of Tahir include the 2018 film, Manto, which was screened at Cannes film festival in the same year. His role as Shyam was something that did not fail to catch the attention of art.

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4. Suraj Sharma

Bollywood actors fans want back on screen

How can we forget one of the talented actors from one of the greatest films that have been made? Suraj Sharma played Pi Patel in the movie Life of Pi. The movie was the adaptation of a novel of the same name. The movie had a brilliant and on point cast including Irfan Khan, Tabu, Adil Hussain and Suraj Sharma. Shining out like a rising star is not a piece of cake to eat when you have got such amazing co-actors.

However, Sharma’s craft was not only critically acclaimed but also was loved by the audience. Life of Pi was not exactly a Bollywood movie but it was also translated to Hindi language. With this notion, he has also joined the list of Bollywood actors fans want back on screen.

5. Kunal Roy Kapoor


Comedy is not something everyone can pull off. And there are very few selected actors whom the audience really wants to see in a comedy film. One such Bollywood actor fans want back on screen is Kunal Roy Kapoor. Known for his comedy genre films such as Delhi Belly and Nautanki Saala, he has already impressed the audience.

The less known role that he did was in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani as the engineer to whom Aditi married, that is Taran. He was also seen in Kalakandi with an on point acting. Although my personal favourite is his part in Nautanki Saala. The simple yet effective comedy acting easily makes you laugh. His character is the one that attracts lot of sympathy but it does not take away the funny side of the story as well as the character. So, there is no reason why fans should not get more of Kunal Roy Kapoor on screen.

6. R. Madhavan

Bollywood actors fans want back on screen

Madhavan is my personal favourite for not only his talent but also because we were born in the same city and guess what? We even went to the same school!! Coming back to why he tops the list of Bollywood actors fans want back on screen? Why not? Maddy has been a consistent actor throughout and we want to see more and more of him. He has done a lot of Tamil movies but when it comes to Bollywood, how can we forget Tanu Weds Manu, Rang De Basanti and the most celebrated movie, 3 Idiots!

Farhan just took away our hearts and many of us saw our reflection in him. The character of Farhan was not at all fancy or out of imagination or something. It was just perfect and that was possible only because Madhavan pulled it off just on point. The reason why we want to see Madhavan again is the very fact that the audience does not want to see a hero that is out of imagination but actors who can portray something they could relate to.

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