Black Summer
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A Zombie apocalypse has become a funny fascination for netizens. After all, you don’t get to see, very often, undead people with gaping mouths and broken limbs limping around awkwardly to eat your brains. The idea has become so commonplace that it has morphed into a typical bedtime thought!

The Zombie apocalypse drama Black Summer, despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, was able to pool in a loyal legion of fans. An audience that cannot wait for Black Summer Season 2. The major question that is currently popping up in most fans’ minds- Is Black Summer Season 2 happening?

Black Summer season 2

Black Summer Season 2- When will it come?

The series was supposed to be released in 2020. But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the production works of a lot of shows came to an abrupt halt and Black Summer Season 2 was no exception.

The show’s release date has been postponed for obvious reasons and we are not certain when we will be visiting the next installment. As of now, it seems like the waiting is going to be longer than previously anticipated. Our best shot is that we might receive Black Summer Season 2 at the of 2020 or early 2021.

Black summer season 2

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What to expect from Black Summer Season 2?

Black Summer is the story of a woman named Rose who is separated from her daughter in the midst of a Zombie apocalypse. Season 1 mainly focused on a group of strangers along with the main cast Rose trying to reunite with their loved ones. As the season progressed we saw many characters dying Rose eventually reuniting with her daughter Anna.

There were many suspicions regarding the return of the show but Rose’s character player Jamie King assured the audience that Black Summer Season 2 would follow a different setup. It would focus more on bringing the individual’s psychology to the fore.

It was announced by Netflix that the show is coming back together with eight episodes. The runtime for the series will probably be approximately 40 minutes.

Black summer season 2

Black Summer Season 2 cast: Whom to expect?

We know the characters who survived till the end of the first season. However, there is one individual who is certain to return in  her role and that is Jamie King as Rose. She is also the producer of the series. Zoe Marlett will return as Rose’s daughter Anna.

Christine Lee as Kyungsun and JustinChuCary will return as Spears. John Hyams is your only showrunner at that moment. In accordance with Sal Velez Jr, we would get to see William.

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