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Black Mirror season 5 released on Netflix almost a year ago in the month of June with 3 episodes. And now we are waiting eagerly for Black Mirror season 6. The storyline of this science fiction anthology web series revolves around human relationship with technology and its intense consequences in the future.

Black mirror s6

 Season 5 saw a high-profile cast including Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott, Topher Grace and Miley Cyrus among others. However, there are no expectations that the creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones will release season 6 anytime soon.


Previous seasons: the legacy of excellence 

Inspired by The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror has adapted genres like satire, dystopia and black comedy. The series has released five seasons with 22 episodes till date and a standalone interactive film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The series has 84 nominations of which it won 25 awards and it’s fans’ hearts. This series has brought to surface the dark consequences technology will have in our way of life.

Neglected most of the time, the creators have focussed exactly on the other side of the coin. All the seasons unfold a different set of episodes which leaves the audience awe struck. Black Mirror season 6 is going to add up to this legacy of excellence. 

Release date: when can we expect season 6?

Due to Bandersnatch release in 2018, the interactive special delayed the release of season 5 by around half a year so we may expect season 6 to take longer due to that initial delay. Adding to this, the ongoing pandemic may also delay the release of season 6, as said by Charlie Brooker in an interview.

Black mirror


The creator also said that people cannot withstand stories about “societies falling apart” when we are already having an ongoing health crisis. We may expect Black Mirror season 6 to release the next year as the show has not been renewed till now. 

Cast: whom to expect in Black Mirror Season 6?

Since it is an anthology series in which every episode depicts a whole different story, every episode stars a different cast. Moreover, nothing about the cast of season 6 has been revealed till now. However, we may expect to see Daniel Kaluuya characterized out, John Hamm, Miley Cyrus, Alex Lawther and Andrew Scott.

Black mirror cast

Plot: what next will Black Mirror Season 6 bring?  

Every episode of the series brings to light a completely different story with no relevance to the previous episodes. Nevertheless, the main concept remains the same and portrays the consequences and effects technology will have in our lives. Also there are no plot details from the showrunners yet. But we do know that season 6 will continue to adapt the main theme of the series.

Black mirror

 It is speculated that season 6 will have 6 episodes. This is due to the fact that Netflix seems to commission six to twelve episodes with the show. It is also anticipated that the creators may establish a link among every episode.

Trailer: all about the release date 

The much-awaited trailer of the season 6 is not yet released nor do we have any recent updates about the trailer’s release date. From the previous chronology, the trailer can release three weeks before the premiere of the season as the same happened for season 5.

Black mirror

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