Black Bullet season 2
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Apart from entertaining and conceptual series what are the type of series that get preference by the audience? Relevance, isn’t it? When you can relate to what you are watching, it becomes more interesting. One such storyline amidst the coronavirus pandemic is that of Black Bullet. Moreover, Black Bullet season 2 will be on board soon to continue the story.

Release date

Black Bullet season 2 has been confirmed by the makers via a tweet and now the fans are waiting for the release date. The release date has been anticipated to be somewhere around July 2020. Nevertheless, the coronavirus pandemic may delay the release.

Black bullet

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Expected plot of Black Bullet season 2

The first season of this anime series was set in the year 2021. Owing to the fact that it was released about six years from now, it was a futuristic show.

A parasitic virus, Gastrea is out there, affecting and eradicating the human race like never before and the hero Rentaro Satomi is all set to save Tokyo. While everyone is trying hard to protect themselves, the humans who are not affected by the virus are living behind the Varanium walls. Later in the show, it is revealed that the new-born babies born with Gastrea had supernatural powers.

Black bullet

Black Bullet season 2 is going to depict, how these superhumans will blend into already prevailing human society and culture. Will they? Or will they grow to be monstrous beings? To know that you will have to watch the upcoming season.

Cast of Black Bullet season 2

As the story will continue from where it left, Black Bullet season 2 will have the characters of the first season intact. Some of the characters are:

  •  Rentaro Satomi
  •  Kisara Tendo
  •  Enju Aihara
  •  Kgetane Hiruko
  •  Tina Sprout
  •  Kohima Hiruko

Black bullet

There is always the scope for new characters to appear in the second season as nothing regarding the cast has been revealed yet.

Reference: Spoilerguy

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