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After the phenomenal success of Dark, Netflix has brought another present for its viewers in the form of Biohackers.

Biohackers is the newest, German language thriller series of science fiction genre brought to us by Netflix. The series explores the concept of genetic modification through the perspective of a young medical student. The protagonist is a university student Mia. She is an ambitious young woman who seeks vengeance on her mentor for the wrongs and the sins she committed in the past.

Tanja Lorenz is the mentor about which it’s mentioned in the previous line. And Mia wants revenge because of something wrong done by Tanza Lorenz in the past which had resulted in the personal family tragedy of Mia. 

Release date of Biohackers

Biohackers would be releasing on August 20 on the streaming service Netflix. As per convention, it would hit our screens at midnight PST. The web television series has a total of six episodes, all of which would be available at once for watching. Christian Ditter is the show runner. In addition, he has also written and given directions for a number of episodes.


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Cast of Biohackers on Netflix

Luna Wedler, a Swiss actor plays the role of Mia, the medical school student. Jessica Schwarz plays the commanding and daunting mentor and professor Tanza Lorenz. Julius Tillman is in the role of a mysterious fellow student. The other supporting cast includes Thomas Prenn, Jing Xiang and Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer.

Plot of Biohackers


Mia is a medical university student who seeks revenge on her commanding professor Tanza Lorenz. This series shows the world of Biohacking . It’s interesting how the characters play with biology and experiment on their own bodies.

Trailer of Biohackers.

The trailer is super thrilling. We get to see Mia and her shades. How she tends to hide a big secret. The tassel between the professor Lorenz and Mia would be great to watch. How humans have advanced in science and technology, is also something people would like to watch.

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