Big little lies
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The HBO TV series Big Little Lies has successfully completed its two seasons. The show has already garnered a great deal of viewers’ attention. Fans are waiting for Big Little Lies Season 3 ever since the finale of the second season was aired. However, the prospects of a third season don’t seem to bring a happy news for the fans of the Monterey Five.

What do the makers have to say

The show’s creator David Kelley has mildly hushed all rumors claiming the arrival of a Big Little Lies Season 3. He said that there is “no such plan” though not entirely denying it. The show boasts a daunting star cast of A-list actors, most of whom are super-busy to give time to a new project. HBO programming president Casey Bloys considers this a reason that makes the chances [of a third season] very slim.

Big little lies

Both, the actors and the creators agree that for a third season a strong story will be needed. This totally depends on Liane Moriarty as the show is based upon her novel of the same name. The show was the outcome of the combined creative efforts of Kelley and Moriarty. A third season will be possible only if Moriarty has another chapter to add to the stories of these ladies.

Let’s hear it from the actors

The star cast that includes Hollywood fame Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are excited and hopeful of a third season of the show. And they are keenly “exploring” the idea according to Kidman.

Witherspoon during a conversation with her co-star Laura Dern said that they want to do the third season and that they are trying to come up with a right story. She also wants the involvement of Jennifer Lopez in season 3.

Dern has consistently been passive to any rumours regarding Big Little Liars Season 3. Although, there is one thing she says that if Kidman and Witherspoon are in for it then she will be in for Renata.

Big little lies

Whom can we expect if there is a Big little lies season 3

The creators spiced up season 2 with the introduction of Meryl Streep. We expect Jennifer Lopez to come on board for Big Little Lies Season 3. In addition to this, Laura Dern, playing Renata, is expected to leave the show. Not to mention the usual team consisting of Nicole Kidman (as Celeste Wright), Reese Witherspoon (as Madeline Mackenzie) , Shailene Woodley (as Jane Chapman) and Zoe Kravitz (as Bonnie Carison). There is still hope for a third season and fans are waiting for it. Nothing is confirmed. Stay tuned so that we can tattle more about such trending news.

Big little lies

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