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Most of us have had our best times binge watching TV shows and movies online while locked in our houses. That couch was never more occupied than it is now! But it does get boring when all that we have to give us company is our solitary laughter.

We miss being with our friends and laughing together even if none of us got the joke. Right? Well technology provides an escape from this situation through many possible ways to watch movies with friends online. That’s right, you can successfully invite a friend over for a watch party or join another watch party. You can do all this and much more while abiding by the norms of social distancing.

Binge watching
No more watching shows alone

This pandemic has kept us as prisoners of circumstances but it cannot keep us laughing and enjoying with our friends. Got ya coronavirus! Who’s laughin’ now!!

So here is a list of platforms that allow you binge watching TV shows online with your friends.

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Netflix Party

This app can only be used for Netflix and is exclusively for Chrome users. Netflix Party syncs up your streams with those of your friends and adds a live chat window on one side of your screen.



Amazon Watch Party

Amazon Watch Party app links directly to many (but not all) videos available on Amazon Prime Video. It allows you binge watching TV shows with up to 100  members at once, provided all have a Prime membership. For now, it can be used only on desktop and you cannot avail it on Safari and Internet Explorer browsers. Only the host gets the control to pause, fast forward, or rewind in this beta version.



Metastream allows video streaming from multiple platforms like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and Crunchyroll. It is, more precisely, a gateway to other streaming services. The app is still a beta version so there are some glitches. For example, Metastream recommends using Firefox while streaming from Netflix. The app is available for Chrome as well as Firefox.

Binge watching




The dreadful lockdown has definitely drained us of our good looks. We prefer pajamas and can’t come in front of the camera this way. No problem! With MyCircleTV, you can watch movies along with your friends and talk to them through voice chat (no video required). And guess what… No registration required!



Gaze is the best multi viewer streaming service for YouTube. You can video chat and sync-watch movies with your friends, that is you’ll watch at the exact same time through this software. It is very user-friendly which makes it easier to be accessed by kids. The only con being that your streaming options are somewhat limited (only YouTube).

Binge watching



Think of it as Netflix Party… on steroids. Apart from the video chat during the streaming, you can also send messages and documents to each other in real time. It is another multi-platform streaming service which allows video streaming from Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Now or Vimeo. Can it be any better!?



TwoSeven is also a multi-platform streaming services but it offers more options. In addition to Netflix you can use it to watch Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vimeo and HBO Now. A subscription grants an extended access to Hulu and Disney Plus as well.


Source: The Verge


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