Best Rom-com shows of all time
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One of the most difficult task when you’re stuck at home is to decide what to do? And when you get the answer for this (watch television), another difficult task is to decide what to watch? So here we bring you the second part of ‘Best Rom-Com shows of all time. So read the following and enjoy watching these amazing shows. 

Love is the go to emotion when feeling dejected, morose and unhappy. Love is the feeling to be kind to yourself. Love stories are an evergreen favourite. And, romance with the twist of comedy is just the right flavour for a jolly and happy mood.

Romantic comedies or Rom-Coms as they are popularly called are a great hit. Romantic comedies might seem too easy to pull off. You have to make a storyline where the leading characters fall in love and then part ways due to various reasons or maybe they gradually fall in love despite everything.

Best Rom-Com shows of all time:

Romantic comedies tickle your funny bones and at the same time pull a heartstring. So, if you are an ardent lover of Rom-Coms or even if you aren’t , we have listed down some of the best Rom-Com shows of all time. Check them out and don’t forget to binge watch them.

The Proposal (2009) 

Rom-Coms are incomplete without Sandra Bullock who gave some of the major hits of her career in this genre with films like Love Potion No.9, While you were sleeping. She starred alongside the charismatic Ryan Reynolds.

Best Rom-Com shows of all time

Sandra plays the role of a badass publishing executive who is facing deportation to her native country America. Ryan plays her assistant who agrees to marry her for promotion and she would then get the visa. The sarcasm and the humour is just so good. Betty White is the ultimate comedy queen playing the role of a grandmother. She is simply hilarious.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Renée Zellwegger was the ultimate star of this movie. She played Bridget Jones, a spinster. She gained 30-something pounds for her role which was initially the buzz. Bridget is a British journalist who is betrayed by her boss Daniel Cleaver played by the debonair Hugh Grant. Mark Darcy is her true love played by Colin First. This is indeed one of the best rom-com shows of all time and is a great favourite for all the relatable characters , comedy and the love it gives.

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10 Things I hate about you(1999) 

Teenage high school romances are the best . They are pure romance with fun, comedy and total love. The nineties saw a lot of Shakespearean remakes. But, 10 Things I hate about you was just superb. The newly arrived in the industry Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles duo leave a mark.

Best Rom-Com shows of all time

Set against the backdrop of a Seattle high school, the story is about Julia Stiles being a tough cookie who enjoys Thai food, feminist prose and angry girl music of Indie rock persuasion . Heath Ledger makes efforts to woo her and eventually she falls for him.

To all the boys I’ve loved before (2018)

This Netflix blockbuster is just swoonworthy. The series is based on Jenny Han’s novel of the same name. Lara Jean Covey is an Asian American. She writes letters to the boys she has ever loved. But, never intends on sending them. However, somebody sends those letters. And now Lara Jean is a wreck.

Best Rom-Com shows of all time

Things happen and she now has to fake date her 11 grade crush Peter Cavinsky. Their fake romance turns out to get real. To all the boys I’ve loved before is a great story that tells the story of Asian Americans and brings them to the forefront. Also, Peter Cavinsky is a darling just from the start and not a charismatic stupid popular guy who has his brains in his knees.

When Harry met Sally (1989)

The list of rom-coms would be so incomplete without the mention of the quintessential romantic comedy When Harry met Sally. This 1989 movie is a magnum opus which has all the typical settings of a romantic comedy such as the bookstore encounter and the New Year Eve’s admission of love and yes, the attraction theory. When Harry met Sally is the tale of two long time acquaintances who finally realise that they are the right person for each other. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan outshine themselves.

Pretty Woman (1990)

Can a rom- com be a superhit without Julia Roberts in it? The answer is, well everybody knows, hell no!!! Julia Roberts, the unproclaimed queen of romantic comedies stars in Pretty Woman. A tale of a sex worker and a business tycoon. Both of them spent some time together after he requests her for the same. Gradually, they fall in love. Julia Roberts is dazzling in her role and obviously pretty!!! Richard Gere is also able to leave a mark.

Notting Hill (1999)

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant duo is the ultimate rom com dream. This pair is dazzling, astounding and loving in all means. Richard Curtis, the screenplay writer who also wrote Four weddings and a funeral most evidently did a great job. Julia Roberts plays a movie star who wants to experience the real human emotions. Hugh Grant is a bookstore owner whose sincerity and humour make a great effect. This rom com is just splendid.

Four weddings and a funeral (1994)

Best Rom-Com shows of all time

Four weddings and a funeral is a story about a young man and woman who meet by chance in four weddings and at last, a funeral. Screenwriter Richard Curtis and director Mike Newell gave a big box office hit. The English duo fall in love and find it difficult to meet the bitter reality of life. This rom com is a must watch to see the endearing smile of Hugh Grant.

Something’s gotta give ( 2003)

A movie that breaks all the myths that an older man cannot date a woman of his own age. Diane Keaton plays an esteemed playwright Erica Barry who has a cool disposition. Jack Nicholson plays Harry Sanborn who is dating the daughter of Erica Barry. He suffers a heart attack at her Hampton’s beach home. Guess what, who saves him? Erica Barry comes into the scene. Something’s gotta give is a great movie for all age groups. Do watch it.

So, here we have listed down some of the most phenomenal and best Rom-Com shows of all time. Give them a watch with chilled ice creams or puffy popcorns. They are all yours.

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