Avatar 2
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What happens when we merge together, Pandora, technology, 3D, the future and James Cameron? Avatar happens. The epic science fiction movie with spectacularly endearing visuals and on point technology.

Avatar was such an incredible piece of work that it’s hard to imagine a sequel doing justice to it. But if there’s anybody in the world who can do it, it’s the master of films, James Cameron. We have been waiting for Avatar 2 since almost a decade but its worth the wait as it is THE Avatar 2. But don’t worry because you don’t have to wait for the updates as we are here with all.

Avatar 2

Avatar 2 Release date

Disney has officially announced that Avatar 2 release date will be around 17 December, 2021. However, there has been shift of dates several times ever since Avatar came out. Apparently, this is going to be the final release date.

The cast of Avatar 2

As far as the core cast is concerned, there is not going to be any change in that. Sam Worthington will portray Jake and Zoe Saldana will be seen as Neytiri.
The most interesting cast announcement though is Stephen Lang who has been confirmed to play the antagonist in all the sequels to come.

The newcomers include Jamie Flatters, Britton Dalton and Trinity Bliss. These three are said to portray Jake and Neytiri’s children.

It has also been revealed that Kate Winslet who has worked with Cameron in Titanic as Rose before, will be a part of one of the sequels with no confirmation as to which sequel.

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Avatar 1 recap

It has been almost a decade since the release of Avatar, so let’s take a quick recap.
In the future, humans have depleted earth’s natural resources and its time to explore other celestial bodies to survive. Pandora in the Alpha Centaury System seems like the final hope since its Unobtanium could act as surrogate which is why the humans intend to mine for it.

While this leads to a conflict between the humans and the Navi, the native inhabitants of Pandora, former US marine Jake is tasked to make contact with the Navis and thus he has been given a genetic transformation of a Navi which is THE AVATAR.

During his mission Jake meets Neytiri who teaches him about life and culture of the Navi. Despite pleads, the sinister Colonel Miles orders a military strike against the Navi population. Jake sides the Navi, unites all the tribes and defeats the human army. At the end of the movie he leaves his human body and becomes a Navi.

Avatar 2 Plot predictions

Although the sequel is going to be a standalone movie, we do have something for you that has been revealed. The main theme of this sequel will be “Family and imprisonment”.
There will be a time lapse as we will see Jake and Neytiri’s 8-year-old daughter. By now Jake has become the chieftain of the clan and Neytiri the high priestess. This chapter will focus on their children.
Expect the unexpected. The last movie saw the death of Colonel Miles Quaritch but with the revelation of Stephen Lang being the villain in all the sequels, it will be interesting to see how he comes back. It’s a sci-fi movie after all.

How can we not get a variety in the visuals when we are talking about a James Cameron movie? Astounding underwater and volcanic environment is what we are going to see in Avatar 2. Its totally worth the wait and I’m sure we are not going to regret.

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