Ashley Garcia
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Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love is an American teen comedy drama series on Netflix. It is a follow up to The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia. The series follows the story of a fifteen year old teenage rocket scientist, Ashley Garcia. Situation comedy predominates throughout the storyline.

The new name might be a brand escape from the previous season’s cliffhanger moment when Ashley kissed her crush in the Fall Ball. Oops! Pardon me for the spoiler.

Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love abounds in situation comedy

What’s best about the series? Situation comedy! The legendary wit of the script writers and actors doesn’t keep you from laughing for long. There are many situations of situation comedy in the series which builds up, reaches the climax, and ends in 20 minutes. After all it’s not situation comedy if the duration is not short.

The Gist: Ashley still can’t digest the fact that she kissed Tad, her crush. Her elation counterbalances Victor’s sadness who is struggling to write a song for his girlfriend who recently left for Antarctica.

Ashley Garcia

The next day Ashley asks Tad out for a date but he says he has to go clean the gutters for his ex-girlfriend Bella. Although Ashley says that she completely trusts him, she decides to check up on him and with disfavouring vicissitudes ends up at the top Bella’s roof. The situation keeps on getting more android more comical with the entry of Victor who is there to check on Ashley. Now they are both stuck on the roof with Bella’s dog and Mom lurking around.

Another plot in the story is the love interest of her two best friends, Brooke and Stick. She wants to go to a concert with him but he’s agoraphobic and does not want to mention it to her so he rehearses a bunch of dumb excuses then jumbles them all up into one blob of roaring crap that she sees right through. Will they get to know the truth in these HIGH-STAKES conflicts between millenials who get bubbly about smooching each other?

Watch the show for more comical blows.

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The Cast

  • Paulina Chavez as Ashley
  • Jencarlos Canela as Victor
  • Conor Husting as Tad
  • Bella Podaras as Brooke
  • Reed Horstmann as Stick

Watch or Not

Ashley Garcia

The show follows a proper order of introducing different emotional and character sophistications with a comical ease. The previous season focused more on Ashley’s intellectual journey to becoming a rocket scientist. This season, as the name suggests, follows the love interest of the genius.

To be fair, Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love is fits perfectly into the attributes of glossy sitcom, starring teens but aimed at tweens and populated with good looking teenagers who deliver fizzy one liners.

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