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Altered Carbon is the sci-fi cyberpunk series which is based on Richard K Morgan’s book of the same name. The sci-fi madness filled series released in February 2018 on the streaming giant Netflix. The American series is set in the future about over 360 years. The year is 2384 . Here’s every detail you wanna know about Altered Carbon season 3.

Quick Recap

The first season is set against the backdrop of a futuristic metropolitan Bay City. It is a world where people’s memories and consciousness can be stored. Moreover, it can be transferred to different bodies. After all, this is future we are talking about.

Altered carbon

The protagonist is a man named Takeshi Kovacs. He is a former soldier. Also, he is an investigator who is set to solve a murder. 

The year 2018, Altered Carbon Season1 was released. In July 2018, Netflix said they would go for a seson 2. Altered Carbon Season 2 was released in February 2020. And, since then the fans have been wondering about Season 3.

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When will Altered Carbon Season 3 Release? 

The release date of Altered Carbon Season 3 is not yet out. But we do believe that the show is on its way . And, the streaming giant would soon give its fans a rejoicing news amidst these woeful times. However, Season 3 would come no sooner than early 2022. The hiatus between two seasons may seem prolonged. But trust your instincts, the long wait is all worth the watch.

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Whom can you expect in Altered Carbon Season 3 ?

In Altered Carbon Season 3, Anthony Mackie might not return. He played Kovacs in Season 2.  However, he might return in flashbacks. Anthony Mackie says that he hopes to play Kovacs again as he is not in the mood to leave the series.

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Will Yun Lee would also return as the other Takeshi Kovacs. Chris Conner as Edgar Poe might return. Then, Renée Elise Goldsberry might portray the role of Quelcrist Falconer. Simone Missick as Treppe might return . And, Dina Shihabi as Dig 301 may come back again. Another possibility is that they all might get substituted. And, we even might get an entirely new Takeshi Kovacs. 

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What can you expect out of Altered Carbon Season 3?

There are many questions of which fans demand an answer from Altered carbon season 2. The most significant one  is that what happens to Kovacs and his sister Reileen. All the fans are definitely waiting for Mackie and would want him back. The plot would definitely be really good and worth the wait and watch.  

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