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Women’s fashion has undergone some really drastic changes in the recent future. With the feminism movement gaining momentum worldwide, women have come to question the preconceived notions of women’s clothing and luggage.
Women’s fashion is transforming. And, fashion means to be in vogue, to be comfortable and still leave an indelible mark behind.

Fashion simply does not mean clothes , shoes and accessories. But also includes handbags and luggage. With more women entering the workforce and travelling to various places for work, top luggage brands for women have come to the rescue to help women travel in style.
Luggage brands for women are now keeping in mind the basic needs of women when travelling and also making a style statement nevertheless.

So, if you are a girl boss, travelling and claiming the world in your stride, then you have got to check out our list of some top luggage brands for women. These luggage brands keep in mind your necessities and also your style. Check them out as they are in vogue.

Top luggage brands for women 

  1. Samsonite luggage brand
  2. Kenneth Cole women’s luggage brand
  3. Ceilo luggage brand
  4. American Tourister luggage brand
  5. Steve Madden women’s luggage brand
  6. Rockland luggage brand
  7. Nautica women’s luggage brand 

All of these luggage brands provide luggage bags, handbags, travel accessories, laptop bags and many more travel companions at just the right price. These bags simplify your travel journey and help you carry yourself in class and style. All the above mentioned brands are the most reliable for the durability, ease of mobility, spacious and obviously for the class of the bags.

Specially designed for women, these brands give you the kind of bag you need at just the right price. So, without much ado let’s have a look at the top luggage brands for women.

Top luggage brands for women

Samsonite Luggage Brand:


Samsonite is one luggage brand which has been leading in this business for over a century. They are known for their iconic products which guarantee reliability, durability, style and also innovative functionality which is at par with the pace of the world. So, if you are running, you can be sure that your luggage won’t get tired. Samsonite luggage brand has various models and ample amounts of choices for you to choose from.

Some of the models which you can check out are Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside expandable luggage with spinner wheels, brushed anthracite, checked-large 28-inch.

This model of Samsonite product is just perfect for your long trips. Weighing 11.5 pounds, this product has a 10 year warranty. This luggage brand tests its products rigorously before launching in the market. The Winfield 2 model is lightweight and has four multi directional spinner wheels. For safety purposes, it even has a side mounted TSA lock which detects theft.

It has brushed pattern sides which hides all the scratches and scuffs on its surface. The Winfield 2 is a classic model apt for professional purposes. Available in 6 different colours, you have plenty of choice. Its price is $118.95. Samsonite brand has many other luggage models such as Omni, Winfield 3DLX, Centric, Solyte DLX and Packing Cube.

All these models are available in all sizes. And, they are made of 100% polycarbonate except Solyte DLX which is made of 100% rugged polyester weave and Packing Cube is made of Durable Nylon fabric. The Packing cube does not have any wheels and Solyte DLX has dual 4 wheel spinners. While the rest of others have 360 degrees 4 wheel spinners for easy mobility. The price range varies from $65 to $191. You can easily find a luggage that suits your taste and class.

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Kenneth Cole women’s luggage brand:

kenneth cole

Kenneth Cole is one of the quintessential top luggage brands for women. It is known for its fashion centric designs, bold colors, clean , fine lines and high quality materials. Their luggage has a chic, modern style that can even be termed as casual. Kenneth Cole is perfect if you are planning to go to a top-notch beautiful destination or even to just the neighbouring city. It serves as both professional and casual.

Kenneth Cole Reaction has a myriad of collections. Some of which are Kenneth Cole Reaction “Renegade” luggage collection, Kenneth Cole Reaction “Continuum” luggage collection, Kenneth Cole Reaction “Scott’s Corner” luggage collection, Kenneth Cole Reaction “Flying Axis” luggage collection, Kenneth Cole Reaction “Reverb” luggage collection and Kenneth Cole Reaction “Rugged Roamer” luggage collection.

All the Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage collections have these features of multi-directional 8 wheel spinners which allows easy mobility on all kinds of surfaces. They also have spacious compartment interiors which consist of zipper pockets to restrain clothes. Retractable push button handle is another feature of Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage. The expense varies from $54 to $179. Kenneth Cole is a trusted brand which you can use professionally or casually. It’s all good.

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Ceilo women’s luggage brand:


Ceilo is one of the top luggage brands for women. Their suitcases are particularly of really bright colors, are attractive and yes, lightweight. Their luggage is totally made of 100% ABS materials. And, has a high resistance to wear-tear, scratch, heat and pressure. Ceilo suitcases are waterproof and can be violently handled, but preferably not so.

Ceilo 3 piece sets are the most popular as they are durable, large capacity, expandable ABS luggage. TSA Global customs lock is an add-on essential feature which ensures safety of the luggage. The interior of the luggage is a U- mesh and has a large storage with straps and mesh bag which makes them more spacious. The price of Ceilo 3 piece luggage sets varies from $119 to $139. These come in various colours . Ceilo luggage sets can be used casually when going for a vacation or a trip.

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American Tourister luggage brand:

American Tourister

Talking about luggage brands and not mentioning American Tourister would be a sin too big to repent. American Tourister is probably the best luggage brand and rightly so. Because of the material they choose, the wide variety of choices they serve and the different styles they provide. American Tourister indeed has a midas touch when it comes to suitcases and luggage.

This brand gives you the widest variety of choices in designs and styles. It is considerably the best of top luggage brands for women. Available in different models, you can use this for your fun trips with besties or for professional, prim and proper work-cations. American Tourister can be trusted for all.

The brand has many models such as American Tourister Moonlight which comes in the most colourful prints and made of the lightest ABS/PC construction, this is lightweight. This collection of the brand is meant for rigorous use and would look as classy as it did the first time travelling.

American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT set is a 4 piece set that includes a boarding bag which has multiple interior and exterior pockets that keep you well-organised, wheeled duffel bag, 21” upright carry-on which has a push button locking handle that fits perfectly in your hand and a 25” upright checked bag that rolls upright and avoids any strain on your shoulders and arms.

It is the best choice when going for a family trip with your loved ones. American Tourister Belle Voyage collection is a jazzy fun collection whose interior packing compartment is large and has shoe pockets on the door panel. American Tourister Disney Hardside and Softside luggage are quite popular with Disney fans. These suitcases show Cinderella and Mickey mouse. American Tourister Star Wars collection is another favorite.

This luggage brand caters to the taste of all kinds of people. So, you don’t have to search much. American Tourister has it all. It definitely is the top women’s luggage brand.

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Steve Madden women’s luggage collection:

steve madden

Steve Madden is another top luggage brand for women. Steve Madden designer luggage collection is just apt for travel purposes, be it domestic or international as it is lightweight and avoids any extra charges at the airport. The 8 spinner wheels allow 360 degrees movement on all terrains and easy movement.

It is made of extra thick PC+ABS material which makes it resistant to force, heat, pressure, scratches and damage. These are durable, comfortable and convenient. The delicate and intricate designs on Steve Madden luggages are simply superb. They stand out amongst all others. Steve Madden luggages can be gifted to your friends and family. They sure will be very happy to receive designer luggage. Steve Madden offers a 5 year warranty on its products. They are good. So, you must check them out.

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Rockland luggage brand:

Rockland Luggage

Rockland luggage brand is most known for the colourful spectacles and bright graphic designs. They not only make affordable and travel resistant products, but also those which stand out from the baggage carousel.

They make luggage sets- (2 pieces,3 pieces, 4 pieces), hard cases, soft cases, carry-ons, rolling backpacks, travel duffels, rolling duffels, cosmetic bags and even kids’ backpacks. Rockland has so many collections of durable, reliable and comfortable luggage. The cost range falls between $39 to $159. These are quite affordable. You will get the luggage of the style you choose.

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Nautica women’s luggage brand:


Nautica is a brand known for its classic, chic and modern style. Simple yet elegant is the unsaid motto of this brand. Nautica luggage sets are good in all aspects. Its various collections are Nautica 3 piece hardside spinner luggage set, Nautica 4 piece spinner luggage set, Nautica 5 piece luggage set, Nautica carry-on hardside expandable spinner luggage, 24” Hardside expandable spinner luggage and travel carry duffel bag.

They all have 4 wheel spinners except the duffel bag. The common colours are red, yellow, grey and navy. Trolley handles and push button locks are common features of Nautica luggage.

All the above mentioned brands are top women’s luggage brands. They are awesome and you can easily find luggage of your style. Do check them out and happy shopping!!!

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