365 days
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365 Days is Fifty shades of Grey reincarnated. The newest erotic on Netflix about which people just can’t stop obsessing over. 365 days is a Polish erotic romantic drama movie released in 2020.

A film directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes. And, the erotic film is based on the first part of the trilogy by the author Blanka Lipinska. The film was released in Poland on 7th February 2020. Subsequently, the erotica premiered on the steaming service Netflix wherein it gained popularity and attracted attention from the global audience. 


365 days
BTs of 365 days


The plot revolves around a Sicilian mafia and a fiery sales executive. And, around their steamy relationship with its ups and downs. When a meeting concludes between the Torricelli Sicilian mafia crime family and black market dealers, Massimo Torricelli sees a ravishing woman on a beach. Later, in a clash, Massimo’s father was shot dead. And, he was injured.

365 days

The storyline picks up five years after this incident. Massimo is now the Mafia head. He is now a brutal, ruthless and a violent leader of the Sicilian mafia family. Laura Biel is the female lead character who lives in Warsaw. She has a spiritless relationship with her boyfriend Martin. To celebrate her 29th birthday, she goes to Italy with her friends. She runs into Massimo who abducts her. He takes her to his villa. And, later he confides that she was the woman he saw on the beach five years ago. Since then she has never left his mind. Moreover, he searched for her. And when finally he saw her, he thought I am not letting her go. Massimo made his intentions clear. He said that he plans to keep her as his prisoner for 365 days until she falls for him . Further he adds that he isn’t going to touch her without her consent. They start spending time together. Gradually, she gets him to open about his personal life.

365 days

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Once, at a club, Laura flaunts herself. Thus, making Massimo angry. She further flirts with a man from the rival mafia family . And, he gropes her without her consent. This leads to a dispute between the two parties. Massimo kills the man. The next morning she wakes up in a yacht . And, finds Massimo and his companion Mario arguing . Mario wants Massimo to get rid of her. But, he refuses.

365 days

Laura tries to say sorry but is blamed for what happened. Accidentally, she falls into the water and he saves her. When Laura comes to her senses, he confides and reveals that he was scared for her. They get physically intimate. She goes back to Italy to meet her family. He comes to meet her after a long time and she gets overwhelmed with emotions and confesses her love for him.

Later he proposes to her and she accepts. They go back to Italy where Mario tells Massimo about the escalating tensions. Laura realises that she is pregnant and reveals it to her friend Olga. Somehow, Mario comes to know that the rivals are planning on killing Laura. Laura’s car enters a tunnel but does not come out on the other side. Realising this, Massimo breaks down and sobs.

Michele Morrone plays the role of hero Don Massimo Torricelli. The character of Laura Biel is played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Mario is played by Bronislaw Wrocklawski.

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