28 summers
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Elin Hilderbrand completed her graduation from The Johns Hopkins University. She has been living at Nantucket, in the US for over 25 years and is the mother of three teenagers. She wrote many popular novels like the “THE PERFECT COUPLE” is her twenty-first novel.

28 summers


28 SUMMERS is the best number #1 seller according to NY Times. It is inspired by the 1978 movie Same Time, Next Year. Hilderbrand creates her own women-fiction pair of lovers- Jake McCloud and Mallory Blessing. Mallory is born in Anne Tyler Territory of Baltimore who inherits a Nantucket beach cottage from her aunt.

Jack is the best front friend of Mallory’s brother Cooper since his college days at Johns Hopkins. They first meet at Cooper’s bachelor party on Labour Day weekend and the title explains the rest. Jake has a very glamorous coldhearted girlfriend named Ursula DeGournsey- the two grew up in South Bend, Indiana-who by the end of the novel turns to be the US Senator and later to hold the presidential election.

28 summers

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Hilderbrand introduces reminiscence of lust, introducing each year with some popular lyrics, culture and commitment of marriage from the sides. The later half shows the good and bad memory they share in course of their relationship. The final part ends with the tasty description of picnics Jake and Mallory share with each other in their relationship and leaves the readers excited to the later upcomings like the earlier 25th novel.

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